Sunday, November 26, 2006

and here comes December....

Hola, people, as always hopes this finds you well. I'm soaking in this week with it's great ups and frustrating downs and realizing that when all is said and done, I came out ahead. Family was a blessing, a new presence in my life is a blessing, and the fact that the semester is coming to a close is a blessing. This entry was supposed to be on the difference between rap and hip hop, but I realized tonight that sometimes I fail to really appreciate the other genres throughout the day, so I threw on the rainy day mix of jazz this evening. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, can you go wrong? I've heard the man was ornery and downright anti social, but that kind of genius requires a sacrifice, so I guess in his case it was kindness. Was it worth it? You listen to this album and I'm thinking it is.
Anyway, I've felt the need to start writing some verses again, I've gone through the phases where I write frantically and then not at all. Well, franticism sets in again (if that's not a word, I just officially made it one.) A great deal of things has me realizing that it's works best at sorting things out in certain areas more than the blogging does. Don't worry, you guys aren't off the hook, because I think I'll be putting some up for you to suffer through.
As to the title, in a sort of roundabout way, I've meandered my way to what I was going to write about. Christmas time.....lovely time of year..... where as Bart Simpson put it :"Christmas is a time when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ". Hilarious. And how do we celebrate this joyous season? With Black Friday, which I was privileged to see firsthand since my father's truck needed batteries at 5:30 in the AM for him to get to work. Why are there people lining up outside of Bestbuy and Target at 5 AM? For the amazing sales. Hmmm, call me crazy, I'll pay more for the sleep and peace of mind rather than fight the crowds. I will do my traditional shopping at my normal time, the week before Christmas. Always works, I tried actually looking today, but didn't feel right yet. In the meantime, I'll be rockin' the Itunes Christmas list in the new Ipod and preparing myself for the yuletide fun. Time to wrap it up, busy week ahead and counting down the days till the weekend already. Ahh, life.....gotta love the pace of it all. Peace and blessings....One....

Friday, November 24, 2006


I had another topic to write on today, but recent events require me to lay out some ground rules for what men of substance are seeking in women. Speaking as one who is trying to get right spiritually in order to be a good husband and father one day, I've come to the conclusion on what I need and what is good for a marriage in general.

1) If he doesn't call you, don't call him. Let him pursue you. It's very scary when you're blowing up his phone all day especially when you know he is doing something important. You come off desperate and needy, two things that set up for a bad relationship.

2) We DO love an independent woman. We want a woman that has enough going on that all I am trying to do is to grab a niche in her world. Which leads me to...

3) The man is not your world. He does not complete you, you should be already complete and he desires to complement you and help you in your life, not live it for you.

4) What he says, he means it until he gives you a reason to distrust him. And if he does, he's not worth your time anyway. REALLY LISTEN to what he says!

5) I'll wrap it up with simply this: Luke 12:31. Hit it up....

If you have the ears, then hear....Peace and blessings...One....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

hip hop, fam, and life in's all good...

Happy Thanksgiving folks! May you recognize the true blessings that we have around us, not only today, but everyday of your life.

As the title suggests, a lot on my mind. Many new things in my life right now and changes going on that are bring happiness to my soul and positivity to my life so I'm grateful for that. Currently, I'm writing this after spending time with fam here in MD and I just had that moment that I realized, it's such a blessing in a small thing as interacting with close and extended family. It's this link that lies between us that even if we don't see each other that often, we are connected in a way that is predetermined by God himself. It's a beautiful thing. My immediate fam is almost all moved out to Richmond and having them close has me excited. I see the possibility of one day reaching a state of wedded bliss (one of these days, everyone else is beating me to the punch, but I remain patient) and having the family close to be around when I raise my own one day. That support system is so important, to realize where you come from and where you fit into the future of a group of people destined to be related by blood and heart. I hope to keep everyone close and find someone who sees the same importance in family. Gotta love Thanksgiving for bringing this revelation.

Now that I have hopefully moistened a few eyes in the audience, I'd like to speak on my most favorite subjects: H.E.R. For those who see the FB profile status that mentions H.E.R. or S.H.E. and has yet to figure it out, it's based on I Used to Love H.E.R. by Common, but goodness I hope all who read this have heard that classic anthem of my love affair with H.E.R. If not, educate yourself as soon as possible, preferably by hitting me up so I can send you the song, your life will be changed if you are in any way, shape or form a fan or desire to be a fan of the culture. Anyway, back to H.E.R., S.H.E.'s growing with me and it's encouraging. I can see 30 at a close distance coming up on me and I need something that hits me up a little closer to home than "It's goin' down at the mall" because I don't go to the mall except to find some grown man jeans or a button up and I try to remove myself as soon as I find the item. Also, asking if "my chain hangs low, do I swing it to and fro" really doesn't apply. I can't afford a real chain and a fake one would look ridiculous.....matter a fact a real one would look ridiculous. My aim is good credit, real estate, retirement funds, and a family one day, so I need my hip hop to reflect that. I don't really desire to put rims on a car...for what, that gives me more to clean it when I wash it. I need hip hop that speaks to what I face everyday in this world, what I'm trying to get to, and what I've learned in my 28 years of life. I have felt like this "grown man" hip hop has been nailed on the newly released "Kingdom Come" album, by the incomparable Jay-Z. I'm glad to see him hangin' out with the Roots has influenced his rhymes during the "retirement years". He's reflective on this album, new focus, the thirties here and along with it comes new challenges, new learning experiences, and more obstacles to overcome. One of my favorites is Thirtysomething, in that he states that 30 is the new 20. Guess who's got a new anthem in two years? :o) Anywho, glad to see S.H.E. grows with me and hopefully those who continue to make quality in the game allow themselves to age and make music for their generation. These kids today will always have something for us old heads to criticize, but I want to be sure that my heroes stick around......Happy thanksgiving....Peace and blessings....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Priorities, ladies, Priorities

Wassup, people? Hope this meets you well as always. Now last time, I had hinted that I would drop exclusively on the Joan Morgan talk and I will, however, this covers a greater scope. The talk was inspiring and sobering, realizing how much the culture of rap (not hip-hop, remember there is a huge difference) demeans our women. Suprisingly, many women have embraced the chickenhead mentality with the disastrous example that comes to mind: Flavor of Love. It was truly scary how hood those women got at a moment's notice. When did it become common practice to settle any argument with yelling and then a beatdown complete with weave pulling? Hmmm, let's just say those girls don't make my short list of ideal women. Now my list of qualities we haven't the time for; maybe another time. However, I was inspired tonight by a lovely soul to write on, finding the right man. I've heard a great deal of experiences of different women in my life and I've noticed some disturbing trends. #1 being the fact that they settle quick. As the great MC Common once said: thinkin' we all in love cause we can spend a day together? We talkin' about the rest of our lives, there's too many black women who can say that they mothers, but can't say that they wives.....true and it shouldn't be that way. Being the son of a black woman, I cannot think of anyone who is more qualified to have that strength to run a household well despite what the media says. Is it possible that strength allows them to settle for a man with less?

#2 Romance is a lost art along with courtship. Why is that flowers are no longer bought for surprise occasions? Why do you only see a bouquet on valentine's, birthdays, and when the man screwed up when even these times are becoming rare? Ladies, wassup? I'm not saying it has to be flowers, but it should be something that suggests at some point in the day, he deemed it necessary to brighten your day with a surprise that he put more than 3 seconds thought into.

#3 Ladies, don't get caught up in the moment. Suprisingly, men fall faster, but women fall harder and if you get hooked up in his meteoric drop into Cupid's grasp, then when he realizes that he's got to slow the roll, it will confuse and frustrate you based on his previous actions. Life is a blessing (and occasional curse) in that it is a day to day process, enjoy the ride, embrace it and realize that until there is a general agreement that there is a common goal that you are building to, keep your heart in check.

#4 Make sure you have completely come to a good place with your father before asking for the One. Trust me, trying to make it work with a girl with daddy issues is never fun. I could see a night and day comparison of those girls who had come to terms with their father, good or bad, and those who hadn't. The latter are especially a trap for those men who have a hero complex because they run like rabbits from any potential problem that involves the possibility of the guy leaving. Again, not fun. So make sure if you love your daddy, remind yourself. If you don't, forgive him and give to God. 'Nuff said.

#5 Finally, expect the best. Know that no one is perfect, but make sure he makes the priorities: God-fearing (meaning he loves God more than you), peaceful yet strong in character and integrity, caring, loves himself (can't love anyone before you love yourself), loves his family, has goals that go beyond saving up for a Mercedes M-class, philanthropic, supporting, HONEST, that he can pay for a date and truly not expect anything in return (apparently this one is dying out), respectful (make sure he can open a door for you, another dying art), listens well, has a backbone (if you walk all over him, you can't respect him and if you step out of line, he reminds you that you are) which reminds me....if he ever lays a hand on you, catch a charge *y'all know you what I mean*. There is never an excuse for that.....ever. Hmm, what else....oh, make sure that he likes to make you happy, beyond the 6 mo. honeymoon period. Best way to see that, really see if he wants to know about you, where you've been, where you're going, how you're changing and that he wants to be around to see you continually grow and help you in the process.

That's enough for now, I'm out. Peace and blessings......

Thursday, November 16, 2006

bringin' back the GMG moments...

Wow, it's been a minute. Hope this meets you all well, I've been away for a minute, but in the meantime I've had plenty of inspiration to write about. The more pressing subjects will come later, but right now I'm watching Yung Cheesy's new video, or hip hop blasphemy as I like to call the things they show for 4 min at a time on Black embarrassment Television or More Triflin' Videos. Even as I speak that video is over and what's on? That's right Lil Crappy "Money in the Bank". I realize two things after watching these tragedies, 1) that I was blessed to be able to experience the good days of hip hop before the Man got his hands on it to make money off it and 2) if all that's being pushed in your face is dirt, all you'll appreciate is dirt.

Last night, the BET Hip-Hop (and I use the term very loosely) awards were on last night. I managed to catch one award: h.h. MVP of the year award. Who was up for this prestigious honor? Hmm, let's see, Yung Cheesy, Yung (couldn't hold a true artist's) Joc, Chammillionaire (what does that mean anyway), Lil Wayne (is it me or does he look like he'll always be 15 even when he's 48) and T.I. Of course TI won, but as they saying goes, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. And the song of the year, It's Goin' Down. That little literary gem probably took a glorious 2 minutes to write, that's what I like in my hip hop, the strong effort in writing. Also, please tell me again why they act like they have more money than they do, we all saw TLC's story and Hammer. We know how us black folk do with the visionary Chris Rock said, we need wealth in the community, not a bunch of ni**as that are rich. Rich is something you can lose in a summer with a drug habit.

All is not lost, however. I had the privelege this week to be surrounded and exposed to some of NC's finest hip hop getting a preview of my boy J-Blaze's album, hearing my boy E.S.T. drop some serious knowledge to beats that are so rich they must be fattening, and coppin' the Minstrel Show, Little Brother's masterpiece. I will say this, I used to talk a whole lot about the South's hip hop scene, but now I realize it's not where you from, it's the sense in your head. If you have none, you'll make garbage, and if you have some and don't use it, it's a sin to sell out so the people who can't pronounce words larger than 2 syllables can listen. Screw 'em I say, let them get hooked on Phonics and learn to read something that might uplift them. I've said my peace. Stay tuned for my recap of the Joan Morgan talk at Duke I attended a couple weeks ago. The author of When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost : My Life as A Hip Hop Feminist, had some good insight and my my my, the finest 41 year old I've ever seen. Mmmm, my sistas know how to age well. Peace and blessings......

Monday, November 06, 2006

Stevie Wonder inspired

Hello, folks. Decided in the spirit of the Stevie Wonder I've been killin' lately, that I'd post some old verse from way back. I figured it would work best since it's been on my mind lately with the way things are going right now. Enjoy.

Just Be

Sorry, not for the trivial things
But for what strife can bring
For years of disrespect
Your intellect, we were afraid
To glean from and just be
But I’m comforted by your touch
And see you not as much
As a cash machine
But as a queen, fit to marry
And prepare me for what lies ahead
To the marriage bed, I stay true
By the promise on your finger
Not out of necessity, but desire
For a fire that burns until we retire
To the next world, where still our love goes on
To be a provider, fighter
For your honor and integrity
To let our love, let us be
One mind, one heart, one soul
In the hands of our Father
Who guides us in our journey
Of self discovery and let us
Be filled with laughter
And longing for this
Gift of friendship, love and fidelity
To just let us be

Thursday, November 02, 2006

dangerous spot

Wassup readers,

Well after the dreary, hopeless letter I wrote last time, things have gotten better . However, I've realized a new phenomenon that I was not aware of and I'm just learning about myself. I'm wondering if the last chapter in my sad, limited and sometimes bizarre romantic adventure is still subconsiously needing to be dealt with. I'm at a wierd point, I'm loving attention and seeking it with a little too much fervor, yet trying to avoid anything where my heart can get involved. The breakthrough has come in the form of realizing how players are made. The disturbing part is that I'm on the verge of it. Not good. So, solution? I don't know, never been at this point before, probably going to require some soul searching and unfortunately some forgiveness is in order of those who took the heart and ran with it. I'll keep you posted....peace.....