Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Questions Part II

What's up people? In the spirit of Common's "Questions" (check water for chocolate, a classic), I decided to ask a few again that have popped up recently.

1) When did we start embracing the term "female" as a noun? What happened to young lady or woman and doesn't female sound a tad bit "animalistic"?

2) How much more coonin' can we expect from Flava Flav?

3) Is a n**** your complexion or is it all in your mind?

4) Why did they sex up Rhianna and Cierra so early? I mean they are pretty girls but why did they look like 18 going on 30?

5) Are my sistas going to stop looking for a man and let a good man find them?

6) Are high top fades ever going to come back?

7) What about the jheri curl?

8) Am I the only one who doesn't believe a word that Hillary says?

9) Isn't it funny how the last thing you expect to find has a way of coming along out the blue?

10) What's Don Imus doing these days?

11) When are we going to just leave Britney alone?

12) Can the rumors be true that Lupe's next album will be his last? Have you heard "Paris, Tokyo" and how insanely good it is?

13) Will it ever be back in style again to always rock a suit and a hat when in public?

14) When is Nas finally going to drop this controversial album "N*****"?

15) Can't the early 90's make a good argument for the best era in hip hop and R&B?

16) Are we ever going to get out of this war in Iraq?

17) Is there any truth to the 9/11, Kennedy or moon landing conspiracies?

18) Why is it necessary for so many women to mention how other b****es can't get on their level? You really got to make others feel demeaned to make you feel good?

19) Is it me or the NBA hasn't been the same since the mid-90's?

20) Finally, have you really taken time to take a look around and be happy right where you are for the moment?

Take the time to do it... Peace and blessings....