Sunday, February 26, 2006

tribute albums, worst idea ever?

In the inagural post of my position on life, I decide to start with on of my more treasured subjects: music. I was recently given (burdened) with a tribute CD album to the late, great, sometimes overweight Luther Vandross. Lo and behold, pop it into the stereo and my ears began to bleed. I proceeded to quickly scan all the songs as so called fans of Luther Vandross in the R&B world proceeded to try and fail miserably to recreate the magic of his songs. Whoever thought of this idea should be begging for change on the corner of 5th and Broadway. Why would I, or anyone for that matter take these classics like "Bad Boy (Havin' a Party)" or "Any Love" and have some low rent pop singer (hardly any real R&B left) and have them butcher his masterpieces? Even though half the songs that Luther sang were written for others, his voice made them his own. After hearing this "tribute" album, I think they're now even more his. You wanna do a tribute to Luther? Then have all in the buisness vow to never touch his songs. Now, I'm going to go pop in "Searchin" and remember the good times. RIP Mr. Vandross. Peace!