Saturday, June 27, 2009

Human Nature

Yesterday brought about the death of a musical icon who regardless of his personal life influenced generations of artists and redefined music as we know it. When I heard the news and saw the endless MJ videos on BET, it hit me. There a number of life lessons that can be learned but the one that came to me in an epiphany after repeating the same phrase over and over: I never expected it to happen so soon, but then I realized something: I took him for granted. I always thought there would be another comeback album that would return him to the King of Pop throne. Then I thought about how much we take for granted in every aspect of our lives. Our families who love us after all the ups and downs, mistakes, heated words, short tempers, times of loss, struggle, joys, accomplishments, and moments that gave us wisdom. Those loved ones in our lives who brighten our day just by hearing their voice, cards and letters they wrote from long ago that still warm your heart and humble you to know you can be loved in that way, who make a difference in your day by just smiling. We have a tendency to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak. Whether it is because we feel we deserve it or so busy worried about other aspects of life that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things. There's a classic line from a Lyfe Jennings' song that says: down on your knees praying for that new Porsche while she's walking out that door. Sometimes we need to remember that who, not what is in our lives is the most important and remember that God likes to hear thank you as well as your loved ones. Don't take them for granted because life is short, but a handbreadth, so let them know you love 'em.

I'm out, Blessings, peace and hair grease!