Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 more things....

I couldn't leave it at 25 but I promise I'll stop at 50. There's about 50 million in the course of a lifetime, but you gotta know the limit of what to reveal to others. Which leads me to the first....

1) I spent most of my formative years "trying out different personalities" because I was burned by others revealing who I was and I didn't realize I could be myself until I was in about my mid twenties around the time I moved down to Carolina.

2) I'm obsessed with finding the next big thing, whether musical artist, designer, artist, etc. I hate following the crowd so I search the web for underground artists and clothing websites that are unique. 

3) I avoid talking to people because I'm not an open person but they always seem to want to strike up a conversation and tell me their life story. Man, I just want to buy my groceries and get out of here, why are you telling me about how you're about to fail out of school?? Do I know you???

4) I hate when people refer to women as females, even more than referring to them as bitches. I don't know why since they are both bad, but female gets under my skin. Maybe the same reason I hate conversate: people try to sound intelligent but come off sounding even more ignorant. 

5) I bite my nails and crack my knuckles when I'm really nervous. 

6) I cheated twice on the multiplications tests in third grade and I honestly thought I'd never get them. Now I do partial differential equations and do integrations of trigonometric functions. God definitely has a sense of humor. 

7) I've forged my parent's signatures at least 3 times in my school career. 

8) One of my closest friends sold weed on the regular and started selling crack right before I went to college so I had to end the friendship. 

9) I once told my roommate in college that a scratch that I got from running into a nail on a volleyball pole while playing ball was a knife wound that I got at a party in high school just to see if he'd believe me. He did.

10) I once cracked a windshield of an ex girlfriend in college because I was so mad and she freaked out and ran out of the car. 

11) The summer after my senior year of high school I wondered if I really believed in God or just did because it was what my parents told me to believe and I seriously considered the second option. 

12) I've never stolen anything from a store but I accepted a stolen shirt from my best friend in high school and it was my all-time favorite and wore until it literally fell to shreds. My mom hated that shirt. 

13) I wanted to be a math or history teacher in college until I found math by itself to be too dry and my advisor said there were too many history teachers so I chose physics on a whim after only one class in high school.

14) I moved to CT simply because I had a dream about it at the end of college. It was so vivid that I still remember it. The amazing thing is when I went to interview for a job there, the drive to the school was exactly like in my dream even though I'd never been there before. 

15) I saw the '87 Ramstein air crash that resulted in about 69 people dying and 350 people being seriously injured and I was only 8. That was my most traumatic experience in my life and I hope the only one.  I will never go to another air show as long as I live.

16) I love the smell of bleach. To me it means clean and I love clean especially in the bathroom. I HATE a dirty bathroom.

17) I love to cook. It started out being something I learned to impress women but now I'm always looking for something new to make for myself or my fam. 

18) I hate pictures of Jesus. We have no idea how he looked and they always portray him as white with blonde hair. He was a Jew who lived in a place that has sunshine year round and he walked everywhere. You do the math. 

19) I love black people who are out of the mold and break stereotypes. On the opposite, I hate stereotypical ni**as who want to imitate everything that "the man" puts on TV to show what he thinks of us. Black folk who skate, make rock music or country, play hockey, or sample off the wall tracks from Lawrence Welk or Bob Dylan in their music. That shows courage. 

20) Aaron McGruder is quickly rising to my status of a hero. I can relate so well since I mock  many aspects of so called "black" culture but I still have a militant streak inside of me. We also like to play "minority" advocate (I ain't advocating the devil). 

21) I've realized the girls that I had the strongest feelings for in my life had beautiful brown skin even though I have dated different races and shades of black women; but ever since my first crush Rosetta Adams, I have had a thing for brown skinned beauties. 

22) I used to be terrified of the dark when I was a kid since I lived in a haunted house when I was first living overseas. Now I love it, I love just sitting in the dark and thinking listening to music. 

23) The doctor told me that I would be twins and according to the doctors I was in for 11 months. When I went for my first checkup, the doctor looked at my chart and saw my weight and age and thought I as going to be fat but when he saw me he was surprised and said I just was a solid kid. That's right. :o)

24) I believe in Sasquatch and I believe my parents have seen one at separate times. 

25) I hate the word karma. It's the eastern version of explaining reaping and sowing and it implies that eastern religions figured out some great mystery when God and his people knew it long before some dalai lama somewhere figured it out. 

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 random things about me

1) I'm left-handed and obsessed with finding people who are left-handed as well. I watch people around me, on TV, in movies, and in pictures to see if they write with their left hand and once I see it, I have to point it out. 

2) One of the coolest moments of my life was when I was invited to be in a small group of people at Duke that got to have dinner with Talib Kweli when he came to speak at Duke for MLK 4 years ago. To pick the brain of a true artist on the wonderful art form of hip hop will be something I'll tell my grandkids. 

3) I hate the word conversate and I constantly correct people close to me who speak poor English. I find it annoying that I'm OC about it but for some reason I can't let those kind of things go. 

4) I'm a sucker for romance when it's written well but even more for painful issues. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of the best movies on love in it's own sick, twisted fashion. 

5) I wish I could sing because if I could I would make music just for the sake of making music. Not like most who do it: for fame or prestige or money but because of how music shapes the soul. 

6) I love sugar. I can eat healthy and enjoy it, could even be a vegetarian if I needed to be, but sugar is my weakness. Cake, cookies, pie, ice cream, you name it. 

7) I'm getting a PhD in physics not because I think I can, (cause I know this isn't my own ability) but because I love it. I read about it in my own personal time. The laws that govern God's universe amaze me and I couldn't see myself doing anything else. 

8) I have had a dream since I was kid in school learning Geography to see every country in the world and I have hoped to spend my life trying. 

9) Every time I hear "A song for You" by Donny Hathaway, I get misty in the eyes. That song is one of the most heartfelt love songs written of all time and it always makes me think of my future wife. 

10) I believe it true love because I believe in God. Because of that I believe there is someone made specifically for someone else and all the lovers in the world could never replace that one as long as they walk this Earth. 

11) I've seen High Fidelity probably at least 30 times. It's a genius movie based a genius book that captures love and music and how they are intertwined. I can relate to Rob and Barry: the under-appreciated scholars who choose to ish on the world in all its shallow glory. 

12) I'm quite cynical about most things that everyone likes because I feel that too many people out there are sheep, afraid to try anything out of what others say they should like or be. 

13) Since the first time I heard, "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder when I was a young boy, I knew I was destined to have a daughter and that I would be all that I could be to show her how a man should love her and to wait for God to bring him. 

14) Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway consequently are the two sole artists I would model my songwriting and music style by if I had the slightest bit of artistic talent. They've changed my life through their music and they should be a required class in any institute of music. 

15) I'm going to write books one day; I just haven't decided the topics yet. 

16) I think my sister is going to be one of the strongest women in my family that no one will see coming. She's revealed to me a level of genius that is so lacking in this day and age; mixed with a grace and peace that my clumsy handling of human relationships will never quite achieve and she has a sharp sense of humor that no one would figure just looking at her and that's why she's one of my most favorite type of people: the ones who have a tempest of genius behind a still smile.  

17) It irks me when people try to define biracial people as one thing or another. I spent my years trying to please both sides of my background until I realized one day that it's a waste of time and others don't define me, I found out who I am in Jehovah and what I found was so much better. 

18) I don't eat pork. I stopped a while back when I realized that it gave me headaches and that the thought of eating it started to make me sick when I thought of what a pig is. Now the the thought of pork grosses me out but all power to those who love it. Just not for me. 

19) I'm going to live to at least 100 because I've always had this feeling impressed upon me that as long as I'm on this Earth, I'm here for God's purpose and I need to be here as long as I can to make a difference in people's lives and souls. Once I'm done here, I'm going to go to sleep one night and not wake up. That's an extremely comforting thought. 

20) I don't regret the things I've done in the past to people but I do pray everyday that those people that I caused pain in their lives that they realize it was because I didn't want to answer the high calling on my life and focus on the walk and because of it, people got hurt in the process. 

21) I know that God sends signs to confirm that you are in His will. There were so many little things that line up between my queen and me, confirming that she was made by Him for me. 

22) I have a bad habit of watching supernatural shows, a weakness I've always had, whether real or fictional, though I would NEVER mess around with anything dealing with witchcraft. 

23) I read about three books at a time when I'm not stuck doing school work. I've been reading since I was 4 and I can never get enough of it. I've never understood people who don't read for enjoyment. 

24) My mother and I have had one of the most tumultuous relationships ever maintained in history but I love her immensely and thank God for her revealing Him to me early on in life. 

25) My pops is my hero. He has a quiet trust and strength within him that I've always admired. He can fix anything, he's patient, he's funny, he's wise, and I would happy to even measure to half the man he is.