Monday, October 06, 2008

I wonder...

Wassup people? I'm at my limit right now, should be finishing some optics HW but for some reason, I've come to a head with this election. I'm listening to both sides all around me and it's something that I've realized: most people are completely ignorant of politicians, their stands and voting records. I've looked at all the candidates, including stances and voting records and if I was not a man of faith, I'd be scared as hell. I fear McCain and the fact that he really doesn't have any details on the his plans once he gets into office. I'm amazed at his soccer mom VP and the fact that she can't make sense in interviews. I wonder if the runner up in the  Miss Alaska  pageant really realizes she's one 72 year old's heartbeat from running a major power of the Western world.  I wonder how in the world he's going to convince the world that we need to stay longer in the Middle East when you only cry wolf so many times. I wonder if the religious right will soon realize that the Republicans have been pandering to them for too long a time and it's time to take your votes to independent parties that truly support their issues. 

I see Obama and think he's either living in a dream world or if he's lying when he believes that increasing capital gains tax and taxes for the top 10% of the wage earners won't  discourage foreign investors and domestic from creating jobs in this country. I wonder if people realize that Obama made a good deal of money of this bailout plan with his heavily vested interests in Fannie Mae. I'm curious as to whether why Obama associated himself with so many shady characters knowing that it could affect his political career: Wright, Ayers, Rebozo. I wonder when black folk will realize that the dream of having a black man in office stems from the idea that they will finally get their 40 acres in a mule since the government has always been and always will tell us what we want to hear and deliver nothing. Could it be from a slave mentality that as long as the government (massa) takes care of me, I'll be ok? Are people aware that the housing collapse took place really because Jimmy Carter in 1977 enacted the fair housing act, while though it sounds good, really just allowed for every Gomer Pyle and Ray-Ray Jenkins with bad credit and suspect bill paying habits to get houses out of their price range at exorbitant percentages and not all on the Republicans as the Dems would want you to believe and vice versa? I wonder what all this change talk really means since change could be good or bad?

I wonder if both candidates realize that no matter which party is involved , the government will remain large and wasteful in the guise of "regulation" in order to strike fear in our wallets and homes. How come no one has mentioned getting rid of taxes and proposing a flat tax ever!!? Why don't we ever hear more about state autonomy and limiting national government? 

Like I said before, if I thought my destiny was completely dependent on who's in office, I'd be scared as hell. Thank the good Lord it's not, He's got my future planned already and that gives me freedom. Freedom to vote for the best candidate, not the lesser of two evils. Freedom to not point fingers at one side or the other, but to just vote and be on my merry way for the next four years. Whoever gets in, I'm pretty much going to be disappointed for the rest of the country. Meanwhile, I will be glad that we can do without election talk for a while,  (two years anyway) and I can pray for my dream: to have a no party system that focuses on issues, not gang tactics. Hey, a boy can dream can't he? Viva la Ron Paul.....

S.O.T.P.: Big Brother by Stevie  Wonder


Friday, October 03, 2008

Soundtrack PT II

I've been saying for a while now that I was going to post this and I finally have. Life is keeping me busy so not much to say right now but there is a whole lot on the mind so you'll be getting new stuff soon. Enjoy and hope all is well. Peace and love....

The Soundtrack To My Life
Opening Credits: I was Made to love her- Stevie wonder
Waking Up: Reality -Adrianna Evans
First Date: Newness-Musiq
Falling In Love: Fallin' in love -Faith evans
The Love Scene: More and More -Brian Mcknight
Rebellious Youth: Me against the world -2Pac
Brush With The Law:   Renegade -Styx
Fight Scene: 2nd Round Knockout -Canibus
Breaking Up: Lucille -Anthony Hamilton and Take a Bow -Madonna
Return Of The First Love: Cry me a river -Dinah Washington
Getting Back Together: Can We fall in Love again -Darien Brockington
Secret Love: Just My Imagination -The Temptations
Life's Okay: It Breaks so easy -Johnathan Rice
Mental Breakdown:   blackberry Molasses -Mista
Making A Fresh Start: Imagine Me -Kirk Franklin
Driving:                Drive -Incubus  
Learning A Lesson: This will all make sense someday -John Mayer
Deep Thought: Blue in Green -Miles Davis
Christmas: Christmas Time is Here -Vince Guaraldi Trio (Charlie Brown soundtrack)
Flashback: Fire and Rain -James taylor
Broken Heart: Dreaming with a Broken Heart-John Mayer and Nothing Even Matters -Lauryn Hill
Partying: 1 Thing -Amerie
Achieving The Dream: Stand -Donnie McClurkin
Regretting: Stupid -Toni Braxton
Long Night Alone: When Sunny Gets Blue -Will Downing
Death Scene: Silent Lucidity -Queensryche
Funeral: Best Thing that ever happened to me -Gladys Knight and the Pips
Closing Credits: Happy Being Me -Angie Stone