Friday, January 30, 2009

random thoughts: part III

Wassup people? I only have a little bit of time to get some thoughts down since I'm in the final week of getting ready for my qualifier. I'll be glad when it's all done and I have a chance to think. With that said, I just have so many topics rolling in the back of my head that I decided to pose random thoughts and questions of things that have inspired/disturbed/perplexed/alarmed me since the last time I wrote a blog. 

1) Our  public U.S. educational system is slowly dying and the only thing that can save it are people who care, which apparently are dying as well. 

2) How are some people who claim to know Christ some of the angriest people you'll ever meet? He gives me too much joy and peace to be angry all the time.

3) How is it that the only thing kids are reading in school now for pleasure reading are Zane and ghetto fiction? 

4) Is it enough that they are at least reading? 

5) Can we continue to cry out discrimination when we do nothing to show ourselves worthy of the position? Is below 50% proficiency in minority schools what civil rights leaders expected when they fought against separate but equal?

6) Um, Tyra is a moron. 

7) First day in, Obama ups the funding for abortion clinics, nice to know my tax dollars are going to, among MANY wasteful things, ending lives.

8) So much for bipartisan support that they've been talking about since 9/11. 

9) At least he's a lefty and a White Sox fan, always got to look at the bright side of things. 

10) To quote the Isley Bros., love is a wonderful thing, especially when you have someone wonderful to love. 

11) Joseph Prince is a breath of fresh air in a world of legalism and money chasing. 

12) God is good.

13) Is it me or is there a lull in the music world right now?

14) Has the whole world gone gay or does Hollywood just want us to think that? 

15) Do all these "ANTM" loves know that those who really model find this show a joke and exploitative

16) Matter of fact, all those reality shows are a joke and it because it's the easy way of trying to get to the top rather than putting in work ie. Making the Band?

17) Should I be mad or happy that Detox is getting pushed back so Dre can work on Em's new release? 

18) Vibe chose Lollipop as the top song of '08.....I'm going to say that again....Lollipop.......Lollipop.............................................................................................Lollipop.

19) Wow, Smallville is good again!

20) I hate the winter, one day I'll live in a place where 60 degrees is a cold snap. 

21) Wow, Kind of Blue is insanely good as it just turned 50 years old. 

22) Movies cost way too much. 

23) Wow, weed is actually the majority of the economy in the emerald triangle. Where is this you ask, in the Caribbean, Central America, South America? No, it's in Northern California and weed is selling like hotcakes.  Answer to the economy woes: legalize drugs......(oh give it a shot)

24) Teaching physics is like spooning water out of a sinking boat while the students sit on buckets watching it sink. 

25) I can't wait to start my class in Bracketology in March....