Friday, September 07, 2007


In the spirit of the Jadakiss song, I've had a few questions as of late that I have to ask. Hopefully, if you don't have the answers, maybe they will get you thinking and more importantly...acting.

1) Why are only 30% of black children born into two parent households and white children 70%, even though we have higher abortion rates?

2) Why do people complain about the US not having universal health care like the rest of the world when the rest of the world doesn't have people eating three times their weight in fried foods?

3) Will people learn from the collapse of the mortgage loan market that it's better to build better credit and save money rather than getting into expensive mortgages they can't afford?

4) Why would you own a Lexus and live in an apartment for 5 years with no plan for buying a house in site?

5) Why are there not more hot albums like Talib Kweli's Eardrum out that combine genius rhymes with amazing beats?

6) Will they make more movies like The Wood or ATL in the future that show normal black kids growing up with dreams of doing more than stuntin' and hustlin?

7) Why do dept. stores charge 4 times the price for clothes than the cost of the materials and labor it took to make them?

8) Am I the only one who respects Rakim and De La Soul as much as Einstein and Fermi?

9)Am I the only one who wishes celebrities would just entertain us and keep their "wisdom and insight" to themselves since it rarely comes off as either one?

10) Why do most jobs take about the same amount of education yet get paid in vastly different amounts?

11) Why does a team like Michigan lose to Appalachian St.?

12) Does the Tribe or Jodeci ever have a chance of making it happen again in this lifetime?

13) How many times can people change their relationship status on Facebook in a week before no one takes it seriously after that point? (Subquestion: why do 16 year olds put married for their relationship status?)

14) Do we really need anymore Flavor Flav on TV and do you think Chuck D. is ashamed to say he was part of his group?

15) Why do people watch the Hills?

16) Why do the sell DVD sets of reality shows?

17) Why do we call certain black people sellouts if they express an opinion different from others?

18) Will we ever have more black supreme court justices?

19) Am I alone in thinking that if push came to shove in this country, the U.S. would rather see a white woman president than a black man president?

20) Will Dave Chappelle ever come back again in any form or fashion outside of standup?

21) Finally, like Common and John Mayer both said once, will it all one day make sense?