Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday Post: any regrets?

Happy Birthday to me!! Figured I'd give myself a shout out on this one. It's been a good one beside the fact that Hurricane Ida has decided to dump her leftovers on the whole state, but, other than that, it was a great 31st. I decided to post a quick blog today because I was reading an article about a group of guys who after a thrilling tie football game between two high school rivals in 1993, they decided to play again in their 30's to settle the game once and for all. The article asked who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to have a second chance, not just at a game but career move or a relationship and assumed most would. I guess I'm the minority because I have not one event I can look back on and say my life took a turn to a point where I should have done otherwise. I believe in 31 years, I've made PLENTY of mistakes and still make them. I've lied to people, used them, lied to myself, acted out of fear, froze out of fear, and said things to people that I would not today. Would I do it over? Never. Not that I don't believe I didn't do wrong or didn't need forgiveness for it, but, rather, all those events shaped my world today. It brought me to this point where I'm immensely happy with a wonderful life, wonderful woman, and a wonderful future that Jehovah has seen fit to bless me with. Of all my bad decisions, He brought about good out of it. Sure there were games I lost, times I should have spoken up, people I should have said the right thing too, but as the song goes: this will all make sense one day. No regrets; because I love my life and I wouldn't trade it for anyone else's and that truly is the best birthday present I've been given. Blessings, people, I'm out!