Tuesday, June 09, 2009

random thoughts of June

1) I'm loving Conan on the Tonight Show, my favorite Irishman has finally made it. Poor Jimmy Fallon, he's like a deer in headlights.

2) AMERIE is back!! Not only beautiful but she can sing and actually has good beats. Beyonce, take a memo (you think being married to greatest rapper alive might give you reason to actually be original....)

3) I'm sorry for David Carradine's family but that man was overrated....

4) On that note, where did that phrase come from, "don't speak ill of the dead"? I think the last thing dead folks are worried about is what people alive are saying since there are more pressing issues like, say....standing in front of your Maker.

5) When's Honda going to start selling those walking robots? I want one...

6) I'm going to need for pastors to stop talking about politics and start talking about Jesus.

7) New Jersey is about to legalize weed. Finally! Maybe we can end this ridiculous war on drugs and start releasing folks in jail on non-violent drug crimes and start using drug taxes to pay off these state budget deficits. 

8) Ever notice how mankind is obsessed with bad news?

9) What did Shakespeare say? First, we kill all the lawyers? Well, I add an amendment to that: second, we kill all the politicians. 

10) Hate to break the news to people at the Discovery channel but the show "The World after People" is as useful as "The world filled with Unicorns" because we're not going anywhere. 

11) Classic quote from the Devil's Advocate: "Free will....it is a b***h." It can be, if you choose independence like Adam did. 

12) If people saw a man smacking a woman in public, how many would actually intervene? 

13) I'm a celebrity, get me outta here. Here's a title: I'm a TV viewer, I deserve more!

14) Transformers, GI Joe, now I just need a Thundercats movie and I'm living the glorious 80's the way I was meant to. 

15) Why is Tyra still on? Why is she relevant? Why weren't her parents just too tired that night 35 years ago?

16) Women should really trust their intuition and not listen to society's standards. A man is  supposed to take care of you just like you are supposed to provide your part of the relationship. Men and women are equal but that doesn't mean we are the same. 

17) First Florida wins the national football championship, then Carolina wins basketball, then the Steelers win ANOTHER Super bowl (like they needed one), now it looks like the Lakers and Red wings will win their championships. Now all I need is the Yankees to win the World Series and it will officially be the worst year of sports in my life.  

18) I love how Zoe Saldana stood up for the thin girls; they don't get enough love. 


20) Brett Favre, GO HOME! Tired of this on again, off again crap.....

and bonus,

21) 2 months, 2 weeks and 4 days until college football....so close yet so far.....