Sunday, March 30, 2008

that just my baby daddy....

What up people? Hope this blog as always finds you blessed and well. I'm trying to be more on point with this lately since I've had the time. Right now I'm comfortable realizing that it's God, school, family and friends that's going on in my life right now and just that. I'm happy for that though really, it's giving me time to focus on me and what I need to improve on and where I need to give in the everyday relationships I have with everyone in my life. It's really a refreshing perspective to do some self reflection for a while and learn things about yourself that you didn't realize.

So today's topic was on my mind lately, but the idea came a while back when I read a series of articles aimed at AA's in the Washington Post (Shout out to It was a very good article on the dynamic between AA women and men in the DC area and the fact that it is a 4:1 ratio. (Sorry ladies) What was really unfortunate was the author, a woman, talked about her experience of going to a DC area elementary school and talking to a group of 2nd graders and she asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. They said various things: doctor, basketball player, pilot, teacher, rapper etc. and many said a daddy. She asked you want to be a husband too, right? Then the classic quote, "black people don't get married, that's for white people...." Ooooh Lord, the rapture gotta get here soon. That was so disappointing but unfortunately such a prevalent thought among our community. It's the same when I hear a song talking about to show you I love you, you can have my baby. How about showing you love her that much more by putting a ring on her finger and promising to not only love her but manifest it daily for the rest of your life? I don't know, just a suggestion. Really it's such a complex situation of the progression of how this came to this point of our view on marriage. It wasn't always like this, I mean not to say marriage was a perfect concept fifty years ago, but it was a goal. I just think it's disappointing that there is so little hope for it anymore. To hope for someone who is your counterpart, your better half, the piece that was formed to fit only you;it's something that gives faith to believing that there is someone who shares the same vision and destiny as yours.....that's a beautiful thing. I think we have to learn to live and let go, get over those relationships that were unsuccessful but not give up on the hope of love, and not a love that you get the first three months of someone staying on your mind all the time, but rather that love that after thirty years, when you think of yourself you think of them automatically. That love that after years, your hands instantly find each other in the right situation because that is your support, your confidante, the manifestation of the God's love in the flesh. Hold out for that, not for someone who looks cute and makes money or can make pretty babies. Hold out for someone who finishes your chapter and starts a new chapter together. I'm out, off to catch "Brown Sugar" before off to bed. Spring is sprung, get out and enjoy it....Peace....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

keepin' it real or keepin' it hateful?

Wassup people? I have gotten really good feedback from a lot of people so I had to thank you all and send blessings your way for the positive comments. Always nice to know there are people out there thinking about what's going on outside of themselves. So, as usual, with school and life staying crazy, it's been a while. Things are busy and starting to look up, I had a rough patch here and there for the past couple months, but with the help of the Almighty and loving friends and family, I'm realizing that there is so much to be thankful for and so much love around us, sometimes you can't help but catch your breath.

Which leads me to the first of many topics that I have to cover the next few blogs. The firestorm that surrounded the whole thing with Barack Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright has really caused a big deal in the media. They proceeded to show clips of his sermons on the news channels (Fox News at one point I think had it on 24 hours, ahhh Fox News, such piety when the Fox Channel has nothing but irreverant, racist and sexist shows....Rupert Murdock...hell is warming up and getting close) and then questioned Obama's own views on the things said. Now, I honestly have nothing against Obama, seems like a decent guy and he is a great orator and sells the dream well, but judgment is withheld until he can deliver what he says. The nice thing and the scary thing is he does not have a lot of experience in politics so could be good or bad. He could be FDR or he could be Jimmy Carter. Time will tell. You'll still catch me voting in November for third party because I have no faith whatsoever (and probably never will) in the Republi-crat system. Why do I even vote you ask? Because there were people who withstood dogs, firehoses, humiliation, degradation, beatings and lynchings for me to have that right, so I do it. But that's a whole 'nother (gotta love that grammatical nightmare) topic.

As far as Obama and his belief in what Wright says in the more incendiary comments, I highly doubt he agrees. Speaking from the standpoint of a fellow bi-racial person, I think he sees the degradation and racism in the country and has witnessed it, but has also had the same type of experiences that Malcolm had when he went to Mecca. You take the good with the bad and recognize that each man or woman stands before God ALONE and ALONE they answer for what they did.

What really I have beef with both sides (as usual). First off, I find it funny that all this just comes out now with Wright when polls show Obama has a better chance of beating Grandpa McCain than that ......woman. (No offense to Hillary supporters, but I wouldn't trust her with lint) So then all this comes about what Wright said. Then on top of it, I love how certain folks got all offended about what he said, apparently they don't know that he is not the first to say them and they definitely aren't new accusations. Not everything he said was a total shock, this country has committed many atrocities on minorities. This country has also completely looked out its own interests and tried to cover it under the guise of "helping bring democracy" (what a joke). Our country watches after one thing: our money and lied about it. For that, INDIVIDUALS will stand before God and answer for that, one by one, not all of America.

Now as far as some of the things he said, were #1 way out of line and sure as hell should not be coming out of a pulpit. The U.S. made AIDS to kill minorities? Seeing what the government can do, I wouldn't put it past them. However, if it was a person he was talking about, he'd be sued for libel and lose. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO PROOF! There are simply things that have been shown in the past to show the government is no joke. Even if it was true, what does it matter in terms of what you're preaching? How is that helping? Then the whole God damn America "that's in the Bible" I hate that phrase, because the Bible always supports what to do with confirmation in many other places throughout scripture; be specific, where is it? It says God Damn America? I know it does say pray for your leaders because they are there by divine providence and that the hearts of kings are in His hand. Say that in the pulpit, don't rile people up to entertain. I believe out of the pulpit should come one thing: words of life and that comes from the Word. Encourage, empower, entreat from the pulpit, don't stand up there entertaining people by fake smacking a booty while talking about how Clinton did the country the same way he did Monica (which is true though, but again not the time and place). I think the reason why our community is in the place that it is is because we are so concerned with God punishing others for what they did to us that we forget that He is so ready to provide everything we need and we have preachers like Wright forgetting that's what we need to hear!

I heard he's stepped down, so I'll be praying that he recognizes as the supposed man of God he is, it is his responsibility to empower others to find what they need at the true Source. With that, I'm out. Next up: "I wanna be a daddy, but bein' a husband, nahhh" Each one, teach one. Peace......