Thursday, September 03, 2009

Random thoughts as fall rolls in

Schools in for fall! What up people? Hope all is well. As usual, the semester starts off with a bang. It's about to go down this weekend with my 2nd part of my candidacy exams and I'll be glad to get them done after studying all summer. Then it's anxious waiting to go Screwston to see my queen. In the meantime, time to drop the fall edition of random thoughts. Enjoy.

1) I don't like to think that MJ and Luther will never make music again. It's kind of depressing.

2) Saturday Aug 8, 2009: I went to see De La Soul at Cat's cradle. Saturday Aug 8, 2009: Day I fell in love with hip hop again.

3) Sometimes you have to take a second to think that you will see your family grow from babies to one day have babies themselves. Crazy to think one day I'll get to see 3 generations (maybe 4) of my descendants. Robert Frost put it best: In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on...

4) Ok, I'm not a fan of his policies either, but people have got to relax about Obama giving a speech to kids under the suspicion of brainwashing. The man is not the AntiChrist, trust me. With the AntiChrist, EVERYONE will love him.

5) We should bring back suits and hats like the fifties. That would be classy.

6) I only got to play golf once this summer. :o( One day I'll have all the time and money and then I'll catch up on my rounds.

7) Facebook is getting too popular. I remember when it was about school networking. Now your grandmother, the mailman, homeless Joe on the corner, and inmates can get one.

8) Is Twitting done yet?

9) The beauty of fall: changing leaves, changing temperatures, anticipation of holidays....and new seasons of all your favorite shows! Sad I know....

10) Speaking of which, not feeling how they are starting off this 90210. They are going for the raunch factor and screwing Annie's character. No wonder they are making more reality shows, the writers in Hollyweed are starting to suck.

11) Although, gotta say, I LOVE 30 Rock.

12) Couldn't have Shawn Merriman finished the job? I'm just saying.

13) P Diddy is the devil.

14) I think Drake has worn out his welcome. For all those business majors: Oversaturation is bad thing.

15) College football is back. *sniff* It's been so long.

16) Anyone else notice that more R&B singers are singing like they are castrated? We had the whole Rat Pack, Barry White, Lou Rawls, Nat King Cole, Will Downing, even Elvis and now we have everybody singing like girls. Screw the cowboys, where have all the baritones and tenors gone?

17) Miles Davis was a flat out genius...genius. If you don't know, watch or read his bio.

18) Ok, is it me or did Christina and The Dream pull a Nick and Mariah? Oh yeah, Nick and Mariah, you can stop now, your careers have managed to continue so call the whole thing off.

19) Media, until Speidi catch swine flu or are hit by a bus or some other life ending event, I don't want to see them on my TV. EVER.

20) "God is love" -Rev. Run